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Lauren Meggison, MFA, Ph.D.
Astrologer to the Stars!"
(949) 489-3100
P.O. Box 9545
Laguna Beach, CA 92652


What distinguishes Dr. Lauren Meggison as an astrologer? 

Ability. Experience. Humor. Insight. 

My Life in Astrology

I have always appreciated the saying:
“Nothing human is unfamiliar to me …”

As an astrologer and a person…I get it. I get people. I am people. We all are.  So, call (949) 489-3100 for a phone session or click here for Personal Booklets or here for Personal consultations!

In the beginning, God…

I remember coming home from kindergarten and having a very pressing question for my mother. Why didn’t you tell me about God? So, began a quest for something beyond the life we see. 

Now what?

After being a star athlete and student I graduated from a Catholic girl’s prep school and attempted to navigate the drugs, sex, and rock & roll that was Isla Vista at the ultimate party school of beautiful UC Santa Barbara. That “golden girl” crash and burn period led me by age 19 to what became the salvation of astrology. Insight, depth, guidance, all in one place. Personal freedom with the benefit of right timing! 

My Teachers: 

My godmother first directed me to a woman who was teaching astrology from her home. She was able to tell me things about myself and recent time frames that I knew no one knew. I was hooked. I studied intensively. Went to astrology lectures. Slept in my car with “Yaqui” my half wolf-Malamute dog to attend distant astrology conferences. I learned everything I possibly could about all related areas of metaphysics, especially astrology. 

I returned to Santa Barbara and completed my undergraduate work while continuing to advance my study of astrology and spirituality. I had a lineage of old-time astrology teachers.  My original teacher was a student of Burton Morris of the old Sun Sign on Balboa Island. Then, I studied up in Ventura with one of Burt’s original teachers who had been doing astrology for 40+ years and had learned it from her mother before her. I also studied the then new “Cosmobiology” in Montecito, California. 

My Clients:

To test the accuracy of astrology and increase my skill, I began doing charts for family, neighbors, and friends. 

My graduate studies continued and I moved to Laguna Beach. I went to an EST seminar up in Newport where I met a high-powered real estate woman named Jean Angle. On our very limited breaks, we began “talking astrology.”

“You’re good at this. You should do this for a living,” she told me rather bluntly.

“But it’s a spiritual thing, I don’t know if that’s right…” I replied. 

“The Bible says, ‘A man is worthy of his hire,’” she countered. 

“Where would I get my clients?” I asked

“I’ll send you people” she said. And she did…. real estate agents….and then their clients began calling. 

And that’s how it began. 

My Column:

At the same time Jean was encouraging me to start my professional astrology practice, my university teaching contract wasn’t renewed. I approached This Week in Laguna magazine about writing an astrology column. A week later, after I had gotten business cards, printed, an answering service in place, and my column started, a fellow graduate student decided to stay in Europe and I was offered her course. 

That’s how my first column was started and my teaching contract restored. Fortunately, I came into astrology quite young. My columns have been running in a variety of magazines & newspapers for over 30 years. I trust t next 30 will be even more exciting, eventful and successful!

My Style of Astrology:

My practice originally expanded primarily through personal referral, teaching classes, and my column. Through the years I have counseled people from almost every walk of life about almost everything under the Sun! I have long-term and loyal clients even in today’s fast-paced information age. I offer astrology “light” and astrology deep. 

My goal has always been to blend professional & popular astrology. I include the real “astro specifics” in both my column and my readings. I do this so that a client knows the chart is based on real techniques & principles and so it can be learning tool for the future. I include 4 charts in each personal session: Natal, Progressed, Solar Arc Directed, and Solar Return. I also include a background portfolio which shows how astrology works so that a client will have a reference for future reading & understanding. Sessions are recorded and can be scheduled in-office or by phone.  

You, Computers & Cost-Effective Reports:

Daylight time…war time…summer time…double summer time…power shortage time changes, etc., Computers are as accurate as those who program them. Data input should also be accurate for time changes, places birth, hospital record keeping, and other record keeping agencies. Know your birth time and a world of useful, interesting, and cost-effective reports opens for you. 

AstroLocality or re-location maps & reports can be ordered so clients can see power places for their own charts. Chart Comparison can be done for love relationships as well as for family, friendship, and business consulting purposes. Electional charts can be done to find the best times to open a business, make a proposal, or begin any important personal or professional venture.

Hand-calculated charts were all that were available when I first began my professional life in astrology. I had one of the first hand-held computer calculators for astrology which was considered cutting edge at the time. 

Now, of course, computers have revolutionized those time-consuming calculations and opened efficient new realms of research. Astrologers now have more data to synthesize and to provide. Clients have even more choices today in using their own individual birth data to select from a variety of personalized & cost-effective reports. To order your report click here.

Your Stars & Success:

Be the Star that You Are! There is nothing more spiritual or more powerful than being yourself. It is the gift that you give to yourself, to Life, and to all those around you.
Astrology is a very ancient and powerful tool that can help you better understand yourself and others. It also provides that extremely valuable tip: Timing. One formula for success: Know What to Do & When to Do it.

May the Stars Be With You!

There are stars above to guide you and also a STAR that is YOU…within you!
I enjoy blending time-proven traditional methods & new techniques in astrology. I also appreciate the ever-expanding benefits of new technology. 

Most importantly, I enjoy people. So, do call (949) 489-3100 or click to select Personalized AstroReports or here for Personal Consultations!

We are all under one sky. And under that cosmic tent, it is my calling and my privilege to be an astrologer. 

May the Stars Be with You,

Lauren Meggison, MFA, Ph.D.
Astrologer & Columnist

Peace! Love! Light!
Be Someone’s Star! Be Someone’s Light!


© 2011 Dr. Lauren Meggison - All Rights Reserved