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Dr. Lauren Meggison's

December 2010

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LAUREN MEGGISON, MA, MFA, Ph.D., is a professional astrologer who maintains a private practice in Laguna Beach, California, where she advises a local & international clientele. Written Birth Chart Interpretations, Personalized Daily Forecast Booklets, Romantic Compatibility Profiles Gift Certificates, or Astrological Chart Consultations are available in office, through e-mail, or by phone: (949) 489-3100.

New Moon in Sagittarius ~ December 5th
Full Moon in Gemini ~ December 21st

*Note: Sun Sign dates are for Universal Time (Prime Meridian) and can vary slightly by year.
Born “on the cusp”? Your birth time & location will determine your Sun Sign.

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ARIES (March 20-April 19):  Heads up, Aries, and horns down! Think before you speak with Mercury and Mars at extreme declination or “out of bounds.” December 5th’s combo New Moon and Mercury/Pluto contact bring powerful new communications & ideas. December 10th & 11th are also “power days” with Mercury/Mars parallel & Mars/North Node aligned. Temper that temper! Bold new actions require pacing & good judgment. Mercury retrograde from the 10th until the 30th also advises care in communications. Think twice! Speak once!
TAURUS (April 20-May 20):  You’re the whole package, Taurus, this holiday season. The reason? Personal & professional partners are receptive with beneficial Venus in your relationship sphere. Expand your social & business networks this month with Uranus & Neptune closely aligned. New approaches or technology can advance that business vision of yours. On the 7th, Mars introduces a rewarding 5.5-week period of power & passion. Stay focused.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20):  Wrap it up, Gemini…before you put a bow on it! Complete your power projects in early month with intensive Mars setting the pace. Relationships require greater care and consideration especially near the 5th’s New Moon! A Mercury/Mars parallel near the 10th & 11th advises an emotional & financial investment review. Decisions are best starting the 30th with your ruling planet Mercury “direct.” Impulses benefit from a fact check!
CANCER (June 21-July 21):  Talk it up, Cancer! Big decisions call near December 3rd as Mercury and the North Node join forces. Partnership communications intensify as Mercury & Pluto join the 5th’s New Moon. December 10th & 11th is a call to action as Mars & the North Node align. Mercury & Mars “out of bounds” advise you to avoid extremes. Keep your cool, even if those about you seem to be losing theirs. Throughout the month Venus favors creativity and romance. Give yourself the gift of sanity. Give others the gift of love.
LEO (July 22-Aug. 22):  Holding court in style, Leo? Regal and rewarding Venus is on the domestic scene! Bring beauty & love into your home, but guard against extravagant financial extremes. This month’s Uranus/Neptune alignment advises you to clarify confusing money matters. Financial & romantic opportunities continue through late month as expansive Jupiter favors you. Daily routines and health benefit from improvement. Stay paced & practical with Mercury & Mars “out of bounds.” Poise is power!
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 21): Leave it to you, Virgo! Of course, your holiday shopping is nearly complete! Action-oriented Mars increases productivity & passion in early December. Domestic activity is strong near the December 5th New Moon. Home & family matters stabilize starting the 7th when Mars moves off the scene. Romantic and creative impulses are strong, but unconventional, with Mercury & Mars both “out of bounds.” Late month’s Jupiter/Uranus close-up brings unique & exciting encounters.
LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22):  Look homeward, Angel! Get real about real estate & home-related decisions near the 3rd, 10th, and 11th with the North Node of “new beginnings” at your domestic door. Mercury & Mars respectively “out of bounds” until the 14th & 27th make this a month where good judgment & balance can pay. Add to this a valuable “think it over” period from December 10th-30th with Mercury retrograde. Bend, if necessary, but don’t break! Commando communication skills, Libra, will be your key!
SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21):  Are you laying or lying down, Scorpio, for that long winter’s nap? Admit it! You’re a seasonal sleeper! There’s your spring fling…your summer soiree! Romantic company now arrives at your door with alluring Venus now in the relationship sector of your chart. A Neptune/Uranus contact finds home a center of creativity & romance. Creative, Scorp, not kinky! So what that passionate Mars & fast-talking Mercury are now edging “out of bounds” There’s nothing you can’t handle with satin ties or handcuffs.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20):  Wild horses, Sag, could get wilder! Passions are strong in early month with the Sun & Mars both in your sign! Financial focus is strong on the 3rd, 10th, and 11th as the North Node brings new power and direction. New emotional and domestic options arise with December 5th’s New Moon in your sign! Research your financial options as Mercury & powerful Pluto also join forces. Major decisions are best, however, outside of Mercury’s 10th-30th retrograde. Pony up, but take your time. Walk the ring!
CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19):  Playaaahh! Convention & class are your usual style, Capricorn. Tend to play it fast, but not loose? Thank December 3rd’s Mercury/North Node alignment for new ideas. Depth & detail strengthen decisions. Use December 5th’s New Moon as Mercury & Pluto contact to research options. Intensive communications and decisions beckon that Capricornian “cool.” Mercury, retrograde from the 10th until the 30th, advises valuable time to take stock & review. On the 10th & 11th, Mars parallels Mercury and conjoins the North Node. You’ve got cosmic cue balls! Sink or scratch?
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18):  A spiritual season, Aquarius, is upon you! Especially as the “Great Awakener” Uranus now activates mystical Neptune in your sign! Intuition & compassion are extremely strong. Outward travel could be limited as inward journeys call! Attune to your truest self before you reach out to others and connect. Late month’s Jupiter/Uranus contact offers a rewarding trip and sudden spiritual awareness. Improve the world one persona at a time. Start with yourself. Quiet your life & accelerate your vibration. Meditate. Stay tuned!
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 19):  Surfacing, Pisces? Yes, and in style! New power, productivity & passion are yours in early December as Mars concludes its arc across the top of your chart! New career and social opportunities arise near the December 5th New Moon! Decision-oriented Mercury is retrograde from the 10th until the 30th. Both sides of New Year’s bring big and exciting changes as Jupiter & Uranus conjoin in your sign! So before you commit, test the waters. So, be there for it. Don’t check out! Check in!




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